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The same landscape viewed at different times of the day and in different weather conditions.

Weather in Hytale describes natural ambient events such as rain, snow and fog that has effects on gameplay. Weather is customizable using a range of different presets.[1]


In Borea, rain appears as snow. Fog appears in the swamps of the Emerald Grove and inside caves in all zones.


Presets previewed in the weather editing interface.

Weather is customizable through different presets that can change assets such as sky color and textures of the moon.[1] Gradients or tones can be applied to each asset.[2]

Presets are configured using an in-game asset customization menu, which allows users to edit most aspects of the game. In the customization interface, different colors can be set for different aspects of the weather at different times of day. A sidebar allows users to edit other aspects of weather customization, such as skyboxes and stars.[1]

Once presets are created, they can be switched using text commands or can be bound to a keypress. When a preset is updated, the weather will be updated for all players on a server without players having to relog.[1]


During development
13 December 2018 Weather is seen in the Hytale trailer.
21 December 2018 A blog post showcases dynamic fog and weather events.
20 August 2019 Weather customization is shown in a blog post.
30 April 2020 Snowfall and fog in the cave is shown in a blog post video.


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