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Concept art for weapons in Hytale.

More concept art for weapons in Hytale.

Weapons are items used to deal damage or inflict special effects.[1]


The following is a list of weapons and the different weapon categories.[2]

A collection of swords visible in the player's inventory.

Information about a few weapons.

An iron sword being crafted, showing other iron weapons.


Main article: Sword

One-handed shortswords[]

One-handed shortswords are small swords that can be wielded with only one hand. They do less damage than longswords. When wielding a shortsword, another item can be held in the offhand. This category includes:

  • Bone Sword.png Bone Sword
  • Wooden Sword.png Wooden Sword
  • Stone Sword.png Stone Sword
  • Iron Sword.png Iron Sword[1]
  • Silversteel Blade
  • Steel Sword.png Steel Sword
  • Gold Sword.pngGold Sword
  • Ruined Runic Sword
  • Thorium Sword.pngThorium Sword

Two-handed longswords[]

Two-handed longswords are long swords that due to their size must be wielded by two hands. They do more damage than shortswords. This category includes:

  • TrorkSwordIcon.pngTrork Sword
  • FireSwordIcon.pngFire Sword
  • Metal Longsword.pngMetal Longsword


Main article: Warhammers

Warhammers (also known as maces) are slower and have a wider sweeping attack, designed for crowd combat, and can be wielded with either one or two hands. This category includes:

  • Trork Mace.png Trork Mace
  • Trork Club.png Trork Club
  • Crude Mace.png Crude Mace
  • Metal Mace.png Metal Mace


Main article: Axes

Axes have limited range of motion, however their vertical attacks deal 'devastating' damage.[2]. This category includes:

  • Stone Axe.png Stone Axe
  • Stone Great Axe.png Stone Great Axe
  • Metal Axe.png Steel Axe
  • Metal Battle Axe.png Steel Battle Axe
  • Metal Axe.png Metal Axe
  • Metal Battle Axe.png Metal Battle Axe
  • Cobalt Axe.png Cobalt Axe
  • Cobalt Battle Axe.pngCobalt Battle Axe
  • DemonicAxeIcon.png Demonic Axe

Throwing Spears[]

Main article: Throwing spears

Spears are long two handed weapons that can either be thrown or used in melee range to strike a targets. This category includes:

  • Kweebec razor spear
  • Stone spear
  • Golden Spear.png Gold spear


Main article: Dagger

Daggers are small one-handed blades. They can be either thrown or used in melee combat. This category includes:

  • Copper dagger[3]
  • Cobalt dagger[3]
  • Thorium dagger[3]
  • Ethereal dagger[3]
  • Iron dagger[3]


Main article: Bows

Bows are two-handed ranged weapons which require ammunition to be used. This category includes:

  • Bow.pngBow
  • Thorium Bow.pngThorium bow
  • Crossbow


Main article: Staffs

The player using a staff to cast magic.

Staffs are one handed magical weapons which cast unique spells, requiring mana to do so. This category includes:

  • Trork Staff.pngTrork Staff
  • Earth staff
  • Fire Staff
  • Ice Staff.pngIce Staff
  • Outlander Priest Staff.png Outlander Priest Staff


Main article: Spellbooks

Spellbooks are magical two-handed magical weapons that can cast magic from them. They require mana to be cast. Spellbooks are held in the player's right hand with the spell being cast in from the players left hand. This category includes:

  • Link= Spellbooks#Types Purple Spellbook
  • Link= Spellbooks#Types Skull Spellbook



During development
13 December 2018 Various weapons are seen in the Hytale trailer.
13 December 2018 Certain weapons are shown in a blog post.
1 March 2020 An issue of Edge magazine reveals some of the weapon categories and their functionality.
26 March 2020 Trork Mace and Trork Club is shown in a blog post, however is said to be concept art.