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This article is about the minigame. For the block, see Wall.

The Walls, as seen in the Hytale trailer.

Opposing teams fighting in a game of The Walls.

The Walls is a multiplayer PvP minigame from the Hypixel server where four teams collect resources and then fight to the death.


Four teams spawn in separate areas of the map, with a no-man's-land in the middle, and each team in a segment off to one side. Each team has a different color – red, green, yellow and blue – and each player wears clothing representing their team color.[1] After a set amount of time for preparation, where players can gather resources to create weapons and armor, the walls will drop, and players will be let into both the central area and other teams' areas and fight to the death. The last team remaining wins the match.[2]


During development
13 December 2018 The Walls gameplay is seen in the Hytale trailer.


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