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The soundtrack for Hytale contains several songs composed by Oscar Garvin, which play at different occasions and locations in-game.[1][2][3]


Various music tracks will play as the player explores the world of Orbis. Certain prefabs in the world have specific tracks associated with them, while other tracks play in more general scenarios, like across an entire zone.


Emerald Grove[]

Name Length Preview Location
"Traveling Band" 6:15 Unknown.
"A New Adventure" 4:43 Exploring during the day.[2]
"Kweebec Village" 3:54 Inside Kweebec settlements.[2]
"Herbalist's Refuge" 5:39 Peaceful exploration in the deep forests and green riverlands.[3]
"Heroes of Orbis" 2:57 Unknown.

Howling Sands[]

Name Length Preview Location
"Night on the Dunes" 6:26 Unknown.
"Gaia's Lament" 4:08 Exploring wastelands.[2]
"Canyon of the Many Suns" 5:10 In lost temples.[3]
"Ancient Tombs" 4:49 At lost temple entrances.[3]


Name Length Preview Location
"Snowfall"[3] 6:01 Unknown.
"Old Craft" 5:47 Unknown.
"Snowday" 5:04 Unknown.

Devasted Lands[]

Name Length Preview Location
"A World Below" 3:43 In the Forgotten Jungle.[4]


During development
13 January 2019 Two music tracks are shown in a blog post.
22 March 2019 Three more music tracks are showcased in a blog post.
27 November 2019 Four new music tracks are showcased in a blog post.
20 December 2019 A music track is shown in a Christmas-themed ambient video.
30 April 2020 A new track is shown in a blog post.
18 December 2020 A new music track, "Snowday", is shown.
22 July 2022 A new music track, "Heroes of Orbis", is released.


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