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Players in a desert, with different styles applied.

Two players holding different items.

The player is the character that users control in-game. Each player has an avatar which is the customizable character which represents players in-game. Players have 100 health points, and lose health when taking damage.[1]

Character creator[]

Main article: Character creator

The player's appearance can be customized using the character creator, where different aspects of the player can be edited and different themed styles can be applied.


The player model can be customized,[2] allowing the player to take the form of any NPC in-game,[3] also known as "morphing". Players can also create their own models for the avatar to display in-game.

The head of the player model is tilted very slightly five degrees upwards by default due to the fact that users tend to look slightly down while playing video games.[4] This only affects how other players see the avatar and does not change the camera angle.[5]


Different clothing items are worn on different layers; armor will appear on top of all clothes.[6]


The player's avatar can have different facial expressions and perform emotes. Some expressions are activated during gameplay, like gritting teeth when pulling out a sword, but others can be customized and triggered manually.[6]


During development
13 December 2018 Players and character customization are seen in the Hytale trailer.
15 February 2019 Character customization is showcased in a blog post.
6 April 2019 An early development screenshot of players in a multiplayer server is shown.
10 December 2020 A player with a pigeon is shown in a blog post.
15 Janaury 2021 Three players are shown in a tweet.
22 January 2021 The back of a player is shown in a tweet.
29 January 2021 A player holding a book is shown in a tweet.
12 March 2021 A player's footsteps are shown in detail.
21 November 2021 Three players are shown in a video.
22 July 2022 Avatars are showcased in a blog post.