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A piece of concept art showcasing the environment and some creatures.

Many different NPCs (non-playable characters) inhabit the world of Hytale.[1]



Kweebecs, a peaceful faction.

Main article: Faction

Factions are groups of NPCs that form societies with their own culture, habits, blockset, and role to play in the storyline of Hytale. The player can interact with various factions in the form of completing their quests, earning reputation, or being hostile to them.


Main article: Animal

Animals are creatures which players can hunt, be hunted by, domesticate, and raise. They can also interact with each other. All animals have a hostility of passive or neutral. Some animals can also be used for transportation.


Main article: Monster

Monsters are hostile creatures including boss encounters and combat challenges which are designed for a specific environment and take planning to defeat. Players will need to learn how monsters operate in order to defeat them.


Concept art for Tessa and Kyros.


NPCs have differing hostilities. Some NPCs, such as many animals are peaceful, not attacking back even when provoked. Other NPCs, typically monsters, are aggressive, attacking any player in sight. NPCs may also be defensive, only attacking when provoked by the player or another NPC; the grizzly bear attacks any player that wanders into its den.

View distance[]

Each NPC has a certain view distance, where it will react to the player if they come close enough. Monsters will react by coming to attack the player while animals may try to run away. The view radius of a Fen Stalker can be reduced by giving them raw fish.


A snippet of code, showing the scripting mechanics for a Trork.

The behavior scripting system uses JSON scripts which call on modular behavior elements that enable users to specify how an NPC perceives the world and how it reacts in different situations. These scripts can trigger actions such as animations and changes in state. For example, a creature that has been attacked might try to either flee or defend itself.[4]


During development
13 December 2018 Many different NPCs are seen in the Hytale trailer.
13 December 2018 Concept art for many NPCs is posted onto the Hytale website.
13 December 2018 NPCs are showcased in a blog post.
1 March 2019 The wildlife of zone 1 is showcased in a blog post.
4 April 2019 Behavior scripting is showcased in a blog post.
19 April 2019 The sounds of some NPCs are showcased in a blog post.