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Items are objects that players can hold in their inventory or store in a chest.


There are many types of items: weapons can be used to harm entities, blocks can be placed into the world, armor can be worn by players or NPCs to give protection to themselves, tools can help players perform an action, consumables can be drunk or eaten to give an effect to the player, and food can be eaten to replenish a player or creature's health.


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Most blocks also have an item form that is created when the block is mined. This item form can be collected by the player and stored in their inventory or a chest for future use.


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Weapons are items used to deal damage to other players or NPCs. There are many weapons in the game, including axes, spears, and bows. Certain weapons, such as staffs and spellbooks, can cast magic against opponents.


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Armor is used to provide players or NPCs with varying amounts of protection from damage. There are various types of armor each with differing protection and effects.


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Tools are items used to perform various actions in-game such as mining or chopping. Tools such as axes can be used both as a tool and as a weapon. Others such as pickaxes are only used for breaking blocks.


Certain items can be equipped to help the player in various situations. Shields can be used to partially block incoming attacks.


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Various items can be eaten by the player or other NPCs to restore hunger.


The item forms when blocks place the block version of themselves into the world when used at the point that the player is looking at.

When an item is selected in the hotbar, its name will briefly be displayed above the Hotbar.

Certain items can be thrown, becoming projectiles, and have throwing different animations.[1]


Each item has a preset rarity. The rarity of an item is displayed as a colored border around the item in the player's inventory or in the tooltips of an item when it is hovered over. There are currently five known rarities: common (colored gray), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), and legendary (gold).



During development
13 December 2018 Several items, and well as their rarities, are shown in a blog post.
30 April 2020 An iron pickaxe is shown in a blog post video.
30 May 2020 Throwable items (a spear and dung) are shown in a blog post.