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The player's inventory viewed while in a workbench.

The inventory is a collection of blocks and items that the player has in their immediate possession.


The player's inventory contains the items that they are carrying but that are not located on the hotbar. This inventory has 36 slots, in four rows of nine slots, nine of which are part of the hotbar. The player has four separate armor slots, for headwear, arm wear, chest wear, and legwear. The player also has five separate slots which pertain to an unknown use.

Player information[]

The inventory also contains information about the player. Under a model of the player, which shows the player's skin and any items they have equipped, there are eight icons that display information, including health, armor, and ability levels.


During development
13 December 2018 The inventory is shown in a blog post.
30 April 2020 Dual-wielding and slot switching is shown in a blog post.