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The player's hotbar, displaying their health in red.

The health gauge in Hytale displays how much damage the player is able to take before dying. It is displayed in red above the hotbar above the smaller hunger and mana bars.


The player's health appears as a long red bar above the hotbar and hunger and mana bars. The health of other players[1] and NPCs[2] is shown as a green bar that appears above their head.


Each player and NPC in the game has a set amount of health. When the entity takes damage, whether it be from environmental causes such as fall damage or attacks from other entities, the receiving entity's health statistic will drop by a set amount. When an entity's health drops to zero, it dies.[2]


Health can be restored immediately by eating food[2] or using a health potion, and gradually over time using a regeneration potion.


There are many ways in which an entity's health may drop. Damage may be inflicted through either environmental means or from an attack by another entity. Different NPCs, and different types of an NPC, do more damage than others. Weapons such as swords or axes can be used to increase damage to an opponent. Both environmental and attack damage can be reduced by equipping armor, and attack damage can be reduced using a shield.[2]


During development
27 November 2019 The health bar is shown in a gameplay video of the Emerald Grove ruins in a blog post.
12 December 2019 The health bar is shown in a blog post about objectives.
24 February 2020 The health bar appears in an image of the Devasted Lands shown in a transcript of an Edge magazine showcase.
16 April 2020 The health bar is again shown in a blog post.
30 April 2020 The health bar is shown in a blog post video.
30 May 2020 The health bar is again seen in a blog post video.