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A screenshot showing different elements of the HUD: at the top is the directional indicator, in the top-right is an objective popup, at the bottom is the hotbar, and in the bottom-right are different navigation icons.

The HUD (heads-up display) appears on-screen while the player is in the game, superimposed on their view of the game world.


The HUD consists of the user's health, hunger and experience bars, the hotbar, as well as a crosshair that shows what the player is currently focused on.

The player's health bar, displayed in red, is located at the bottom of the screen above the hotbar. The hunger bar also appears in this location, but does not appear when it is full.[1]



The hotbar is a selection bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. The hotbar has nine slots for blocks and items to be placed in and each slot, numbered 1 to 9, can be selected by pressing its respective number key on a user's keyboard.

Selected slots have a thin yellow outline around then. Tools and weapons have a durability meter that appears once the item has taken damage. If the player has more than one of an item in a certain slot, a count will be displayed in the bottom-right of the slot.

The radial menu, used to switch between items in the player's special hotbar slots.

On the hotbar, the player has an additional two slots equipped by default to the Z and X keys. When one of these keys is held, a radial menu appears where different items can be swapped out. The item in the left slot will be held in the player's off-hand, and the item in the offhand will be used if the item in the main hand can not be for any given action.[2]

Radial menu[]

The radial menu appears when the player is switching out items from the two slots beside the main hotbar. Four items can be displayed in the radial menu and selected by the player.

Directional indicator[]

UI compass.png

At the top of the screen is a directional indicator, which shows the compass direction that the player is looking, and also displays waypoints set by the player.

Objectives popup[]

Objectives popup.png

When the player comes across or is completing an objective, information about it will appear in the top-right of the screen in a toast popup element.

UI navigation[]

UI icons.png

In the bottom-right of the screen there are five icons representing different elements of the UI the player can access. The third icon opens the map (defaults to M) while the fourth opens the player's inventory (defaults to E).


The crosshair is a small dot that is located in the middle of the screen, and shows the aim point of the item being held.


During development
27 November 2019 The HUD is shown in a gameplay video of the Emerald Grove ruins in a blog post.
12 December 2019 The HUD is shown in a blog post about objectives.
24 February 2020 The HUD appears in an image of the Devasted Lands shown in a transcript of an Edge magazine showcase.
16 April 2020 The HUD is again shown in a blog post.
30 April 2020 The radial menu is shown in a blog post video.
30 May 2020 The HUD is again seen in a blog post video.