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Factions are groups of NPCs that form unique societies with their own cultures, habits, blockset, and role to play in the story. Each faction has many subtypes. With in-game scripting and the Hytale Model Maker, players will be able to create or customize their own NPC variations.[1]



Certain factions can give a standing (reputation) status to the player, where doing positive actions to that faction will increase the player's reputation and performing negative actions, or attacking members of the faction, will decrease the player's reputation. The reputation of the player influences how members of the faction react to the player's presence; players with high reputations may be offered gifts while players with low reputations may be attacked on sight. The player can increase their reputation with Kweebecs by rescuing them from Trork camps, while their reputation can be decreased by attacking Kweebecs or chopping down trees nearby. When the player has a low reputation, Kweebec razorleaf rangers will attack the player. The player can increase their reputation with Ferans by giving them gifts or making offerings to their deity.[2]


Faction Hostility Zone
Kweebecs Peaceful Emerald Grove
Trorks Aggressive
Ferans Peaceful Howling Sands
Scaraks Aggressive
Outlanders Aggressive Borea
Slothians Unknown Devasted Lands
Fauns Unknown Unknown
Klops Neutral Unknown


During development
13 December 2018 Different factions are seen in the Hytale trailer.
13 December 2018 Factions are showcased in a blog post about NPCs.
24 February 2020 The standing mechanic is mentioned an issue of the Edge magazine.