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Animals are NPCs which players can hunt, domesticate, and raise. They can also interact with each other.[2]

Ambient creatures are small animals that give a sense of life to the world. These creatures are mostly passive and do not pose any threat to the player. Players are able to feed some of these animals.[3]


Land creatures[]

Animal Habitat Notes
Antelope Zone 2
Armadillo Zone 2
Bat Zone 1 (underground)
Bison Zone 3
Boar Zone 1
Cactee Zone 2
Cave-Rex Zone 4
Camel Zone 2
Cat Zone 1
Cow Zone 1
Chicken Zone 1
Crab Underwater and on beaches
Crocodile Zone 2
Crow Zone 1
Deer Zone 1
Dimetrodon Zone 4
Dog Zone 1 Have multiple breeds.
Duck Shallow water in zone 1
Flamingo Shallow water in zone 2
Fox Zone 1 Hunts rabbits and chickens.
Frog Zone 1 Has green and orange variants.
Grizzly bear Zone 1
Horse Zone 2
Hyena Zone 2
Macaque Zone 4 (Tropical Jungle)
Meerkat Zone 2
Mouse Found under each zone.
Owl Zone 1 and Zone 3 Has a snowy variant.
Parrot Islands
Pigeon Zone 1
Polar Bear Zone 3
Prehistoric chicken Zone 4 (underground)
Rabbit Zone 1
Ram Zone 2 Can be ridden.
Raptor Zone 4
Rat Caves in zone 1.
Saber-toothed tiger Zone 2 Hunt in packs and prey on other animals such as antelopes.
Sheep Zone 1.
Snail Zone 4. Has a lava variant.
Snake Zone 2
Spider Emerald Grove
Triceratops Zone 4
Warthog Zone 2
Wolf Zones 1 and 2 Wolves are owned by certain Trorks.

Ambient creatures[]


Sea creatures[]

These creatures live in the oceans or on beaches.

Animal Habitat Notes
Catfish Ocean
Clownfish Ocean
Coral Ocean Coral is a sessile animal.
Clam Ocean
Clownfish Ocean
Crab Ocean and on beaches
Lobster Ocean Lobsters can be cooked and eaten by the player.
Man-O-War Ocean Man-O-War is a defensive animal.
Moray eel Ocean Moray eels are neutral and will attack opponents when provoked.
Pike Ocean
Piranha Ocean
Pufferfish Ocean
Regal tang Ocean
Rainbow trout Ocean
Shark Ocean Sharks are aggressive animals.
Sponge Ocean Sponge is a sessile animal.

Tropical jungle creatures[]

These creatures inhabit the tropical jungles under the Devasted Lands.


During development
13 December 2018 Many animals are seen in the Hytale trailer.
13 December 2018 Some animals are showcased in concept art posted onto the Hytale website.
13 December 2018 Some animals are showcased in a blog post.
1 March 2019 Wildlife inhabiting the Emerald Grove are showcased in a blog post.
12 April 2019 Some animals inhabiting Borea are shown in a blog post.


Concept art[]